Advocacy and community outreach is an important part of what we do. Working with our members and member groups, we represent many sections of the community who work tirelessly to educate and mobilise people on the biggest issues facing Central Queensland.
Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for Environment, the Great Barrier Reef, Science and Youth Affairs.
Meaghan Scanlon, Minister for Environment, the Great Barrier Reef, Science and Youth Affairs.

Working with the Environment Minister

Twice a year, CCC represents our members and member groups at the Environment Minister’s Roundtable event. This provides an opportunity to discuss issues affecting the Central Queensland environment in person with the Minister and key staff from the Department of Environment and Science and other departments.

The Ministers Roundtable event also provides the opportunity for CCC to network with other groups across the Queensland conservation sector, some of which are matters of state, national and even international significance. 

Working across all levels of government


CCC often meet with local council staff and members to workshop through solutions to matters of environmental concern. We also attend various local, State and Federal government seminars, workshops and information sessions relevant to local environmental issues. CCC also meet with members of Parliament in regard to environmental issues of state and national concern.

The many different facets of CCC include contributions to broader conservation outcomes across the country by contributing submissions to formal community consultation requests. Examples of previous submissions are here on our website.

Workshops, Forums, Outreach & Education

  • We host community information events where people can learn about the issues and how to take action.
  • We also co-host events in collaboration with the other organisations.
  • We manage campaigns on environmental issues impacting on our region.
  • We appear on discussion panels about a range of issues from plastic pollution to climate change.

Working with the Community

With a very small team, it’s not possible for CCC to take on all issues of concern across the region. Our capacity is limited to matters of high environmental significance which are determined once a thorough assessment of an issue is undertaken. Where CCC are unable to take on an issue, we provide campaign advice to concerned residents where we can. CCC encourage residents to form groups to assist in information gathering and sharing, and to act as a point a contact for the public. This is often done through social media and face to face meet-ups.

The voice of the public is powerful, and with a concerted approach, there is no limit to what a committed group of people working towards a common goal can achieve. CCC encourage residents to contact their local Councillor with their matter of concern, and keep us up to date with how the campaign evolves, and how we can be of assistance within our capacity.