Mission & Vision


  • To preserve the biodiversity and integrity of species and ecosystems — land, water, marine, and atmosphere.
  • To prevent the exploitation of the region’s natural resources when it impacts on ecological sustainability.
  • To ensure the CQ community is heard on environmental issues and that individuals receive appropriate assistance and advice.
  • To engage the community by developing partnerships and strategic alliances which achieve greater conservation outcomes.

The main activities of CCC are summarised as follows:

  • Climate Change — threatened species, renewable energy, ‘no new mines’ policy, water resource management, ocean acidification, salinity, coastal planning.
  • Mining — water quality in the Fitzroy Catchment, land degradation, site rehabilitation, land-use conflicts.
  • Industry — cumulative impacts, water resource management, air and water quality, dredging impacts in Gladstone Harbour, conservation areas.
  • Urban development — water and waste management, riparian zone conservation, infrastructure, strategic planning.
  • Agriculture — vegetation management, water quality, reef health, land-use conflicts.
  • Tourism — marine/coastal impacts, water and waste management, public access, World Heritage Areas, conservation areas (wetlands, remnant vegetation, mangroves, beaches).