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Capricorn Conservation Council
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Capricorn Conservation Council 

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Using your Will to change the world forever 

Your bequest will give wildlife and the environment a voice for the future and ensure your values live on. 

Find out how to leave a donation to Capricorn Conservation Council in your Will.

No matter how large or small, when you make a donation in your Will, you are providing our precious wildlife and environment with a voice for the future. Leaving a legacy of this kind is a way to ensure that your values of protecting wildlife and the environment carry on for future generations.


We need your help to save our natural world

For over 40 years Capricorn Conservation Council has been protecting the future of nature, from its humble beginnings in the concerns of a small group of committed naturalists.


Capricorn Conservation Council relies on the generosity of people like you.

A donation through your Will shows your willingness to invest in our mission to create a world where humans live in harmony with nature.

We would be honoured if you chose to make the protection of wildlife and our natural world an integral part of your personal history.


Send us an email we will be in touch on how to do a will donation