The 8000 ha. Bimblebox Nature Refuge is the only remaining large and continuous tract of remnant vegetation in the Jericho subregion of the Desert Uplands bioregion, 500km west of Rockhampton –  protecting, conserving, and nurturing its biodiversity and ecological systems. This incredible Refuge was founded by a group of conservationist landholders who wanted to ensure the preservation of the entirety of this natural landscape at a time when clearing for grazing threatened the ecological integrity of the whole region. The Bimblebox Nature Refuge has faced many threats and disturbances over its 22 years, including most recently Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal’s Galilee Coal Project.

In November (2022) CCC was STOKED with the Land Court’s recommendation to refuse their applications for an Environmental Authority and Mining Lease to extract thermal coal. The legal battle alone ran for almost three years, well represented by the EDO. Many of our members, supporters, and followers were relieved and elated that the environment, climate, human rights, and culture were valued and chosen over mining. This is a historic moment and such a big win for the owners of Bimblebox and their supporters (The Bimblebox Alliance) and conservation groups, as well as for their co-objector, Youth Verdict, for Traditional Owners and the community! 

However, The Bimblebox Alliance (formed in 2014) requires ongoing support to ensure this Refuge exists far into the future and this is why CCC is jumping on board to help! Your CCC Co-ordinator has recently become a member of The Bimblebox Alliance, with hopefully more CCC members joining TBA over time. We are calling our community, friends, and followers to come on board, sign up, like, follow, share and support the message and cause of The Bimblebox Alliance. 

CCC looks forward to collaborating with The Bimblebox Alliance, sharing knowledge, and supporting each other. The Bimblebox Nature Refuge always needs volunteers to come and help, to learn about the natural ecosystems.  Next year CCC will be planning a very special trip there! We’d love for some of our members to join! 

Well done and THANK YOU to The Bimblebox Alliance for all your hard work, which we can’t wait to see continued into the future. Please make sure you are following TBA on Facebook, watch their videos, check out their website to find out more and sign up! 

You can also watch ‘Bimblebox– the Documentary’ trailer here: or come to the Hut and browse through their book. Buy and display a Bimblebox sticker to show your support!