Capricorn Conservation Council committee, staff and members attended Darumbal Corporations Cultural Training day in November hosted by Malcom Mann and Darumbal Corporation. The team spent the morning walking Nurim (Mt Archer) learning about its grand history and significance & connection to the Darumbal people. Followed by an afternoon of learning with Aunty Nicky and Aunty Sandra at Darumbal Corporations office. 

It is CCC’s vision to provide a space for First Nations to lead, mentor and guide us in our mission to Heal & Care for Country. They hold all the methods to conserving the land we are on today and it is up to us to build the bridge for them to teach us, grow with us, and work with us in fulfilling our mission to protect our natural ecosystems. 

CCC respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Elders of this land – Darumbal Land and Sea Country. Always was. Always will be. We walk a path of reconciliation led by Traditional Owners and Elders. 

Summer Stringer, Conservation Officer