Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre

CCC was honoured to join Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre (CMERC) at the Konomie Island Seagrass Research Centre, collecting and transferring Seagrass for the centre to transport to their Gladstone Facility to study how different species adapt to increasing climate change and weather phenomena.

CMERC CEO Emma Jackson and Research Assistants.

During November, CCC had a visit from Uncle Paul Spearim – Queensland Conservation Council First Nations Protect Country Strategist. Coordinator, Sophie George, Conservation Trainee, Summer Stringer and CCC volunteers travelled to CMERC in Gladstone, where they met Gidarjil Ranger, Aunty Markeeta, and had a personal tour around the facility, checking out all of the amazing experiments & research being conducted. 

QCC First Nations Protect Country Strategist Uncle Paul Spearim, CCC Summer Stringer and Gidarjil Ranger Aunty Markeeta.

CCC congratulate CEO Emma Jackson and her team for all their incredible work. CCC look forward to ongoing collaboration, volunteering and learning with CMERC. 

CCC respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners and elders of Gladstone Area – Bailai, Gurang, Gooreng Gooreng and Taribelang Bunda Land and Sea Country. Always was. Always will be. 

Summer Stringer, Conservation Officer

QCC First Nations Protect Country Strategist Uncle Paul Spearim, Dr Rory, CCC Coordinator Sophie George, Gidarjil Ranger Aunty Markeeta, CCC Summer Stringer and CMERC CEO Emma Jackson.