Capricorn Caves

CCC has joined forces with Capricorn Caves NRM team to restore, protect and conserve the SEVT (Semi Evergreen Vine Thicket) that surrounds the unique ecosystem in our endeavour to save the locally endangered species, the Ghost Bat. CCC’s legacy to protect biodiversity began 50 years ago with the 37-year battle to put a stop to limestone mining at Mt Etna, to protect our friend the Ghost Bat. Today they face new challenges and ongoing climate change and CCC intends to continue our work to protect them well into the future!

NRM Manager Lydia Georgeson, CCC Summer Stringer and CCC Youth Member Shanique Wylde.

In early November, Conservation Trainee, Summer Stinger, hosted Queensland Conservation Council’s (QCC) “Community for Creatures” event. CCC members & volunteers gathered at the Capricorn Caves for an informational tour through the Caves where the bats migrate for breeding, building watering stations for displaced fauna during the bushfires & rising temperatures and maintenance of the Cap Coast Eco Warriors planting site. Members, volunteers and friends decorated a banner to be sent to our local MP along with a formal letter from CCC & QCC in a call to action to protect our environment, biodiversity and ecosystems by reforming the law to suit the current needs of our climate.

Darumbal Ranger Roeina Edmund, CCC Summer Stringer, CCC Treasurer Sean Nixon and CCC Volunteers.

CCC Summer, Sophie and Thoolbar Designs Mitchell collaborated and sent an official letter to Hon Michelle Landry, Federal MP requesting reforms to the EPBC Act to protect wildlife, biodiversity and Country. Mitchell also recreated QCC’s “Community for Creatures” Banner, ensuring an Indigenous voice is at the forefront of this message!

Community for Creatures Banner Design by Thoolbar Designs.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page in the New Year for updates and to see how you can get involved! 

CCC respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners and elders of this land – Darumbal Land and Sea Country. Always was. Always will be.  

Summer Stringer, Conservation Officer