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CCC and UQ have Partnered up in Soils 4 Science

CCC has PARTNERED up with The University of Queensland and is ready to roll out the Soils 4 Science Citizen Science Project!This partnership with Soils for Science will fast-track the discovery of next-generation antibiotics. The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi – also known as ‘superbugs’ – has the potential to set medicine back almost 100 years to a pre-penicillin-era if we don’t take drastic action.Our CCC Team will be collecting over 100 soil samples for the @imbatuq researchers to help them discover microbes that could be developed into new antibiotics and other life-saving medicines. Click the link https://lnkd.in/gmkUXKhm to learn more.We are calling out to the community, landholders, businesses, and schools to JOIN US as we sample soil across CQ! Please send us a message or email ccc@cccqld.org.au to organize a KIT and education session with CCC & UQ!

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