The Central Queensland Climate Change Symposium will provide our community with a rare opportunity to hear directly from the experts working in the various roles associated with finding climate solutions.  It will be a chance to hear factual, scientific information about climate change projections and how they will impact us in Central Queensland.

The first session will take a look at what the science models are saying about the long-range weather forecast for Central Queensland and what this means for our region.  What happens to our coastline as sea levels rise?  Can we expect more years of dangerous fire weather?  How hot are our summer days going to be? These questions and many more will be answered.

Session two will focus on what we can do to slow, stop or reverse the progress of warming.  There are so many opportunities for all of us to help reduce the impacts of climate change.  There are also significant and achievable opportunities for economic success if we plan our transition and build up our resilience.

The final session will help us prepare and become resilient to change as our future unfolds in relation to:

– looking after our wildlife and their habitats,

– preparing for increased frequency and intensity of bushfires,

– adapting our farming and agricultural practices, and

– maintaining our health through the heat.

This symposium is proudly sponsored by to following organisations: