To all Australian people,

On behalf of all Endangered Species, I write to express disappointment that whenever and wherever humans decide to ‘develop and improve’ land on which our habitat and homes are located, we are always the losers.

Never has ‘human progress’ been good for our native environment, and through it our numbers are decreasing dramatically. Many of us are now extinct. This is the effect of colonisation over the last two hundred years, wreaking havoc on every ecosystem within the fragile landscape that is Australia.

My species lived here for many hundreds of thousands of years before you came. Our lives have always been dependant on the biodiversity of our locality and neighbourhood. Biodiversity is the key to our life, and yours too. There was always enough wooded lands and clean water ways for us to thrive. In short, the rain that fell in our locality was always sufficient for our needs.

Contrast this to the human desire to use more water and resources than nature allows in the quest for an improved comfortable lifestyle. It is estimated that currently the world uses twice the resources that nature can provide every year, water included. That is a resource deficit, which means current human activity is not sustainable. The earth’s resources are being depleted, including our habitat, our food and our shelter. Nesting and maternal sites are continually being destroyed. Aquatic systems, water ways all altered and polluted.

In regards to blocking river water flows and creating weirs, while there is a seeming benefit to the human population, it is yet another huge hurdle to ‘our’ survival. Without biodiversity there is no sustainable future for anyone.

Environmental Impact Statements do nothing for the endangered species being affected by the building of the Rookwood weir, or mining sites, etc. The Rookwood Weir EIS supposedly covers the loss of nesting sites, the flooding of flourishing stands of vegetation and stopping the natural water flow required for the health of the waterway. It lists the species known to be endangered by the project and covers that by including the monitoring the fish and turtle life afterwards. So despite the known damage to our habitat and our future survival, ministerial approval gives the green light to wanton destruction.

The measures purported to be undertaken to assess the impact on the area will do nothing to help the losses to the environment. Any monitoring of negative effects on the environment after the weir is completed is always too late. The damage done can never be reversed. And if that is not enough, extra money was raised to extend to height of the wall by 70 centimetres. That is a huge area more being drowned, destroyed and polluted. That is nothing to be proud of.

It is past time all humans learnt to live within their means. Never should valuable water from thriving waterways be used to irrigate dryland farms. Farmland land, which once was home to many plants and animals for eons of time, are now with eco systems damaged and lost forever. The loss of trees and vegetation only adding to the effects of climate change. Human kind need to learn to live sustainable, which means leaving a world for future generations of humans with a thriving environment of biodiversity, enough for us all. This truly would something to be proud of.

With a passionate plea,

The vulnerable Fitzroy River Turtle