Renewable Energy

With an abundance of solar, wind, hydro and biomass resources, Queensland is ready to generate all the clean, affordable energy we need…

“The vast majority of these projects will only proceed if there is new government policy to encourage further carbon pollution reductions in the electricity sector.”

Tristan Edis, industry analyst, Green Energy Markets

Queensland is rich in renewable energy resources. In fact, wind and solar farms in Queensland are able to produce 20-50% more electricity per unit than the international average. That gives us a huge competitive advantage on the world stage, so in years to come, Queensland could even export electricity to neighbouring countries. The latest technologies can deliver clean, affordable power night and day, whenever it’s needed, using pumped hydro, solar-thermal or largescale battery storage.

Up until the middle of 2019, the national Renewable Energy Target (RET) provided certainty for the renewable energy industry and encouraged investment in Queensland. But last year the RET came to an end, and as a result, the amount of new utility renewable energy generation that reached financial close dropped from 1419MW in 2017 to less than 20MW in 2019.

The Federal Government is refusing to implement a national energy policy to replace the Renewable Energy Target and keep the projects coming. At the same time, the Queensland Government has no plan for how they’ll reach their 50% renewable energy by 2030 target. What’s more, new transmission infrastructure is needed to connect renewable energy projects to the grid – but so far, the Federal and State Government have been slow to act.

At the height of the latest construction boom, close to 3,000 Queenslanders were employed building new renewable projects, plus many more jobs were created indirectly and through the supply chain. Whether it’s the local pub in Collinsville or cafes in remote Hughenden, small businesses all over regional Queensland benefit from renewable projects coming to their area and the buzz of construction activity.

That’s why it’s time for the Queensland Government to step up and save clean energy jobs. With the right policy incentives, we can get the large-scale renewable energy industry back on track – creating new jobs in regional Queensland, lowering power prices, and helping clean up our energy supply.

Are you among the majority of Queenslanders who want to see the Sunshine State transition to clean energy?Sign the petition to remove the roadblocks stalling Queensland’s renewable energy future.


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