Nearly 50 years of being a voice for the Central Queensland environment

Capricorn Conservation Council has contributed to many good environmental outcomes in Central Queensland. Some of the past projects that CCC has been actively involved in include:

  • Saving the caves of Mt Etna from limestone mining.
  • Keeping pressure on the government to fully investigate environmental effects of heavily contaminated Mine Pit Water releases to the Fitzroy River.
  • Saving Byfield and Shoalwater Bay from sand mining and a coal port.
  • Reduction of tree clearing in Queensland due to changes in Vegetation Management Laws.
  • Stopping the construction of a feedlot at Alton Downs which would have caused water quality and land degradation problems.
  • Minimised environmental harm to Waterpark and Sandy Creeks by participation in the Livingstone Shire’s Community Environmental reference Group
  • Increased public pressure on tree crop developers at Greenlakes and Paddy’s Swamp to improve the outcomes for the retention of remnant vegetation
  • Raising public awareness of disastrous environmental outcomes that could result form the shale oil development North of Gladstone.

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