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Volunteer at Capricorn Conservation Council

Capricorn Conservation Council depends on volunteers, whoVolunteer Work at Duckponds Env. Reserve contribute in a variety of capacities.  Here are some of the ways that you can help:

  • Committee Member - All of our management committee are volunteers.  Most of them have full time jobs, but are able to give a few hours per week to set priorities and give overall direction. Committee members are elected at the AGM in June each year.  

  • Concerned Member - If you are interested in learning about the variety of issues that CCC deals with, you can be included in the committee members' email list, and contribute to the discussion and policy development.

  • Single Issue advocate, (research) - Use your interest in a particular environmental issue to delve into the background and produce valuable information for CCC.  

  • Single Issue advocate, (representative) - If you wish to take the research role further, there is an opportunity to be nominated by the committee to be CCC's spokesperson on that issue.  

  • Letter writer - There is always a great need for issues to be brought to public attention and a good way is via 'letters to the editor' in the local newspaper.  

  • Project proponent - Do you have an idea for an environmental project?  We don't have any magic sources of funding but project applications to funding bodies often have a better chance of acceptance if promoted under the CCC banner as a community exercise rather than an individual effort. However all successful projects need a "driver" to take them from start to finish. 

  • Event Organiser - From time to time CCC runs events such as the World Environment Day, Walk Against Warming, etc.  Volunteers  to help with these events.  Let the coordinator know that you would like to be involved.  

To join CCC see our Contact Us page for a Membership Form

Head Under Water

CCC support the Community Coastcare program 'Head Under Water' which is sponsored by the Fitzroy Basin Association and coordinated by Alison Jones (CQU) and Scott Gardner. This community-based monitoring program seeks to involve suitably qualified local volunteers in scientific reef mapping and monitoring. Volunteers must have a minimum of PADI Rescue diver certification, Elements of shipboard safety certificate of competency, Radio operators certificate, current commercial dive medical and their own dive gear. Preference is given to volunteers who are available during the week at short notice. If this is you, contact Dr Alison Jones  a.jones@cqu.edu.au .