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Illegal vegetation clearing and what you can do about it


Vegetation and land clearing is a complex issue for everyone. You need two permits for clearing remnant vegetation. The first is from the Department of NRW which involves the land and veg clearing generally based on the zoning. The second is a specific permit if there are protected plants on the land (EPA).


Because EPA are so under resourced they only follow up really bad offenders in very sensitive areas where large patches are cleared so basically the public have to find out for themselves first whether there is a breach and then report to the relevant authorities.


These are: the Vegetation management crew Peter Hall on 49384260


and if there is a waterway involved then 4938 4604 for specific laws on these.


You should preferably know the lot and plan number and the protection status of the site. GPS coordinates and photographs (also photograph the GPS showing the coordinates so that they can use this for evidence) are helpful.


To find out the lot and plan number there is a searchable map on the EPA website at


Then once you know the plan number (or GPS coords) then you go to the NRW website at:


and send them your email address and they'll email you a pdf map showing the status of the site. You'll then be able to tell if it is white or green (or some other colour) and then you can call the numbers listed above.


The number of public calls or emails that they receive sometimes determines how much of a priority the case is given.