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Threatened amphibian species 

There is one amphibian species in the Capricornia region that falls into this category. 

Definition: A species is considered to be endangered if it has not been seen in the wild for a period of time, habitat has been reduced to the point where the species is in danger of extinction, the population size has reduced to a point where the species is in danger of extinction or the survival of the species in the wild is unlikely if a threatening process continues. 

Endangered Threatened by
Kroombit Tinkerforg
Kroombit Tinkerforg This frog species like many others is threatened by the Chytrid Fungus that is suspected of causing the decline of frog populations.  It is likely to be susceptible to trampling and increased nutrient loads resulting from grazing in and upstream of habitat areas. Trampling may also alter the hydrology of seepage areas. The tinkerfrog is also very likely to be susceptible to predation and habitat destruction by pigs. At present pigs are not known from any of the sites occupied by the tinkerfrog although they are known from areas less than 2km away. Fire may also threaten populations of the Kroombit Tinkerfrog. 

There is one amphibian species in the region that is in this category.

Definition: A species is considered to be vulnerable if its population is decreasing, its population has been seriously depleted, its population is at risk from a threatening process, its population is localised or depends on a limited habitat. 

Vulberable     Threatened by
Tusked frog Tusked frog  Degraded water quality caused by herbicides, insecticides, reduction of oxygen in the water due to excessive nutrients, Chytrid fungus causing disease, habitat modification (e.g. vegetation clearing, invasive weeds).

What can you do to help?
If you would like to help our threatened species there are a number of ways that you can get involved.  You can contact the CCC Coordinator to enquire about community involvement or you can contact the Queensland Frog Society to enquire about their many activities.  Queensland Frog Society Inc.  PO Box 7017, East Brisbane, Qld 4169  Tel: 07 3366 1868 Email:

Information source
The source of information for the threatened bird species in Capricornia was the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) website at