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Final Voids from Mining are KILLERS

Final Voids are huge depresions in the ground left over after open-cut mining.  They can be several hundred metres wide, up to a kilometre of more long, and up to 200m deep.  They usually become partly filled with water which can be saline from leaching out of the exposed rock, or can suffer from blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) which is toxic to livestock and humans.   Therefore they are unsuitable for water storage and for swimming.  They have mainly steep inaccessable sides, and where there is a shallow beach, it is often infested with dense reeds, making swimming access treachorous.  

Capricorn Conservation Council is calling on the state government to urgently require that all mining companies fill in Final Voids that are the result of open cut mining. Two people have now been killed by swimming in a lake at Collingwood Park east of Ipswich. 

For decades now Capricorn Conservation Council has been lobbying the state government to legislate to stop mining companies leaving unsightly and dangerous final voids at the end of their open cut mining operations.

All past state governments, whether Labor or LNP have refused to take our request seriously and have simply buckled under pressure from the powerful mining industry.

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully has called for flooded and disused mines in the area to be filled in, saying they were too dangerous for recreational activities.”

We invite people to have a look at the satellite imagery of the New Chum, Swanbank, and Collingwood Park areas and see what an appalling mess the coal mining industry has left in just this small area.

This pleasant looking "lake" at Collingwood Park near Ipswich is really an old Final Void full of water
and a real DEATH TRAP.  Two people have drowned here in 2016.

Here is the mess left over from coal mining east of Ipswich.

If you thought that the dozen or so death trap “lakes” left by mining in the Ipswich area are bad enough, take a trip to Central Qld’s Bowen Basin where upwards of 50 mines each have many Final Voids that are also going to be a blot on the landscape forever. Here are just a few examples. These will be Death Traps for wildlife, livestock, and, yes, even humans for thousands of years. This is a shameful indictment on the mining industry and the state government. 

Newlands     Blackwater   

 Peak Downs      Eastern Ck  


Australia is one of the few countries where Final Voids are still permitted as a legacy in the post-mining landform. Final Voids not permitted in USA, UK, most of Europe, and South Africa.

Mining companies complain that filling in Final Voids would send them broke but have not ever produced evidence to support these claims. Ultimately, what is a life worth? They know that they have a compliant state government and can get away with murder, well in the case of Collingwood Park maybe manslaughter.

It is horrendous to think of the enormous death traps that have just been approved by the state government for the yet to be built Adani Carmichael Mine let alone the five other mega mine proposed over 300 kilometres of the Galilee Basin.

It is time for the state government to get some backbone, stand up to the mining lobby, and stop allowing final voids.