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Biodiversity – your life depends on it

Queenslanders voted at the State Election on 25 Nov 2017 to return the ALP government. Now it's time to hold them to their election committments on Tree Clearing laws, Rookwood Weir, and  the Adani Coal Mine.

Here is CCC's position on these issues:  

Adani’s Carmichael Mine Rocky and Tvlle Councils spending ratepayers' money on an airport they don't own.  Research from The Guardian Australia has highlighted the increasing confusion over Rockhampton and Townsville Council’s plans to fund the construction of an Airport on Carmichael Station near the proposed Adani Coal Mine.  Queensland’s corruption watchdog has referred allegations of wrongdoing to the state’s local government department following the council’s admission that if the mine went ahead they would not own the airport..  If you are a Rocky ratepayer, tell your councillor what you think of this scheme. See also Bob Katter's response
Riverslea Rookwood Weir on the Fitzroy River.  Rookwood Weir has been a political plaything for over 13 years  Building Queensland in partnership with SunWater and Gladstone Area Water Board has released a business case summary http://buildingqueensland.qld.gov.au/proposal-summaries/ which states “further actions required”. Specifically, that firm commitments from potential irrigators and other users would be needed before public money is thrown at the weir (potentially over $300 million+). The Building Queensland summary report also notes that the white elephant Paradise Dam on the Burnett River requires over $400 million in repairs following ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald just to make it safe. If Gladstone needs more water why can’t this be supplied from a pipeline from Paradise Dam? Given the Fitzroy’s soil studies which show less than 5 % are suitable for irrigation plus the lack of takers for the existing 20,000ML water supply it would be a ‘very courageous (Yes) Minister’ who commits us to another failed water scheme with unacceptable risks to Rockhampton’s water quality, decline in fish productivity and further risk to threatened species. See Rookwood page
Tree Clearing Broadscale Tree Clearing  When the LNP came to power with Campbell Newman as  Premier in 2012, tree clearing controls were greatly relaxed.  Clearing rates sky-rocketed.  Queenslanders are now clearing about 250,000 hectares  per year. Most of what is yet to be cleared is the more marginal country.  Land clearing is the biggest single contributor to species extinction, for which we have the worst record in the world.  
For more analysis of  policies of the main parties concering environmental issues for this election go to these websites:
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National Parks Association Qld.
World Wildlife Fund 

For everything else please see our Current Issues page