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Shady Tree at Rosslyn Bay Rosslyn Bay - Do we really need more bitumen carpark?
At Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour there is a small block of public land which the state government is planning to clear, flatten and cover with bitumen.  This is for an additional car/trailer park to be used when the existing carpark is full.  The problem is - the existing carpark is very seldom full. This would cost half a million dollars of taxpayers' money, and the block of land would be far better used as a picnic site.
Riverslea Rookwood Weir on the Fitzroy River.   Political point scoring about funding of the Business Case for Rookwood Weir and funding for building the weir itself has reached fever pitch in Rockhampton, particularly with visits to the district by PM Malcolm Turnbull and Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce. Both have been making the quite incredible claim of “2000 jobs and $1Billion in increased agricultural production”, at the urging of local politicians: Senator Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, and Member for Capricornia, Michelle Landry MP.  We risk being led down the path of the ill-fated Paradise Dam on the Burnett River just over a decade ago, where even before construction began, the State Environment Minister was quoted as saying: “We know that Paradise Dam does not stack up economically, and does not stack up environmentally, but it was an election promise so we are going to build it anyway.”
Adani’s Carmichael Mine is the cause of unseemly scrambling between Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton Regions over a slice of an ‘Eldorado of black gold’.  Will the Black Throated Finch become a 21st century ‘canary’ fore-telling the demise of thermal coal? Will ancient springs and the Carmichael River along with threatened plants like Waxy Cabbage Palms be sacrificed for a project many economists fear will fail to ever achieve profitability? Carmichael is just one of six mega mines proposed for the Galilee Basin. Given the situation of the existing higher grade Bowen basin coal fields you’d have to be a brave or foolhardy investor to hope Carmichael will be the solution to our regions’ economies.
Mine Final Void Mine Final Voids are Death Traps. Two people have now died from swimming in lakes formed by Final Voids from open cut mining that have filled with water.  Capricorn Conservation Council has been lobbying the state government for decades to legislate to stop mining companies leaving unsightly and dangerous final voids at the end of their open cut mining operations.  All past state governments, whether Labor or LNP have refused to take our request seriously and have simply buckled under pressure from the powerful mining industry.

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