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Queenslanders voted at the State Election on 25 Nov 2017 to return the ALP government. Now it's time to hold them to their election committments on Tree Clearing laws, Rookwood Weir, and  the Adani Coal Mine. 

Here is CCC's position on these issues:  

Tree Clearing Broadscale Tree Clearing  When the LNP came to power with Campbell Newman as  Premier in 2012, tree clearing controls were greatly relaxed.  Clearing rates sky-rocketed.  Queenslanders are now clearing about 250,000 hectares  per year. Most of what is yet to be cleared is the more marginal country.  Land clearing is the biggest single contributor to species extinction, for which we have the worst record in the world.  
Riverslea Rookwood Weir on the Fitzroy River. Political grandstanding has reached fever pitch during the election campaign. Ridiculously exaggerated claims have been made by proponents on the number of jobs that it will provide and the supposed farming potential from irrigation. Facts are: (a) Another weir will increase the risk of toxic blue-green algae. (b) The Critically Endangered White-throated Snapping Turtle as well as the Vulnerable Fitzroy River Turtle will lose a huge length of river habitat, threatening their survival. (c) 95% of soils in the 'irrigated' area are unsuitable for cropping (d) The long-term 'yield' of the river has been determined by DNRM after detailed study. Building another weir will not increase this yield. (e) There is already an unused allocation of 40,000 Ml. (f) There is no such thing as 'drought-proofing'. (g) It will have no affect on flooding of Rockhampton. (h)  If the weir is funded by private investors, irrigators would not be able to afford the cost of water; If the weir is funded by govt., irrigators would be getting a huge cross subsidy from the taxpayer.  (i) Claims of 2000 jobs and $1billion increase in agricultural production are pure fiction.

Adani’s Carmichael Mine is the cause of unseemly scrambling between Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton Regions over a slice of an ‘Eldorado of black gold’.  Will the Black Throated Finch become a 21st century ‘canary’ fore-telling the demise of thermal coal? Will ancient springs and the Carmichael River along with threatened plants like Waxy Cabbage Palms be sacrificed for a project many economists fear will fail to ever achieve profitability? Carmichael is just one of six mega mines proposed for the Galilee Basin. Given the situation of the existing higher grade Bowen basin coal fields you’d have to be a brave or foolhardy investor to hope Carmichael will be the solution to our regions’ economies.

For more analysis of  policies of the main parties concering environmental issues for this election go to these websites:
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